Friday, October 24, 2008

Butterfly Award Effect Symbol

Yesterday I received a 'butterfly award' of Hicham (Cairo-Egypt) and will pass this award onwards to 10 bloggers.

Though I live in a beautiful mountain area, butterflies are rare here (now). And of all the thousands of photos I made this year I just got a handfull of butterfly pics.
Here is one: Can you find the butterfly? You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

The butterfly is exactly in the middle of the photo.

"It has been said ..." hm, I always liked to mock about the chaos theory, however a lot depends on the perspectives ... Nevertheless in taking daily walks and looking to the ground, the floor seems to be a perfect chaos of dying leaves. Or maybe I have misunderstood something :)

As I said above, the reason for this post was the message from Hicham, a fellow blogger and friend from Cairo-Egypt, that I'd gotten the 'butterfly award' which afterwards (of course :) led to some reasoning about the activity of blogging itself as well as to some other inspiring, uplifting and encouraging aspects.
The Blogger as a butterfly, you saw it in the first photo above: the butterfly wasn't easy to discover. The resting butterfly (just a blog in itself) can sometimes hardly be seen, one has to search for it and has to know what he/she is searching for.
Much more easily we can see the butterflies when they flatter around from flower to flower (leaving comments and thus also meaning referring to itself, but also giving feedback and seeds to the visited flowers (also blogs). So this is the picture of the blogger as a butterfly and blogs as being flowers.

Before I announce the winners just a few words to the

Award’s Rules

* Put the logo on your blog;

* Add a link to the person
who awarded it to you.;

* Link 10 other bloggers
to whom you give this award to.

The winners are (alphabetically):

Another thing that immediately presses into my mind (this seems to come from educational brainwashing :) in connection to butterflies is the so called butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect which is spiritually at home in the chaos-theory sais something like: "If a butterfly claps its wings in one part of the earth, then something else happens in another part of the earth. Or so.
The butterfly is a symbol of: change transformation resurrection the soul ... more to butterfly-symbolism.

You'll find some links here that have more elaborated words than mine. So what the butterfly effect could describe is that doings and happenings in one part of the world can have an effect or cause an event in another part of the world.
Change one thing, change everything!

Some of the pics above I cut out the Oasis video: "Stop Crying Your Heart Out". Well, hehe, we bloggers and twitters will still do that ... :)
Nevertheless here is this inspiring video:


At another blog I put a playlist about Butterfly effect videos plus a short touching story about a caterpillar. Hope you enjoyed this post. Please bookmark, stumble digg mix etc. it and again:
Congratulations to the winners. Are burdens our blessings? Comments are very welcome!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This Blog is Mobile

Soccer Malawi Congo Photos

Today I received these pics from my daughter Petra. She works in Malawi and discribes herself as "being Malawis biggest fan". Well hm, my family actually isn't much into soccer, football or any sports stuff besides hiking, walking etc. However I believe her.

You can catch a bit of the exciting atmosphere here before the game started. On this blog I already posted once about a soccer game. That was the game Egypt-Malawi (World Cup).

Petra writes: "It was just super, Malawi won 2:1 and now, if Malawi keeps going like this, Malawi has good chances in the world cup". (Russell Mwafulirwa scored twice).

"The game started rather slowly. Then Congo scored a goal, well the ball was just rolling ... then there were a couple of fouls ...eeeeehhhhh... ".

After Malawi scored a goal in the first halftime. The crowd wasn't to stop and the general mood was unstoppable.

After the second goal ... complete enthusiasm.

This victory of Malawi is another surprise, because Congo is pretty good in soccer.

Happy Malawian Fans.

After the game, peace and order have to be restored again.

If you are interested in more News on Malawi
you might like to check out this blog:
Stories on Malawi
or visit Clements Blog

I share the latest news on twitter and update photos frequently at my twitpic account.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

blog-action-day roots poverty brainjustice

BlogActionDay 2008
BrainJustice dimming poverty? Get twice the world for half a price?
A glimpse at some roots of poverty.

This BlogActionDay will make a difference. Why?

That's exactly where 'the brain' comes in. With this question: "Why". Who is responsible for our brains? Who feels responsible?
Morning, 2008 October 15th. Writing for BlogActionDay. Not online yet.
In the thinking about our thinking, in directing 'microscopes' & 'telescopes' into the clouds of WolkenKuckucksHeim (CloudCockooLand) one quickly comes down from the elaborated heavens to a kind of devastated earth.
Photo made by one of my daughters who's working in Africa.
Spiritually said: "Heaven and Earth are not in harmony". The thinking expresses itself in one way, the practical doings in another. The left hand doesn't know (or doesn't want to know) what the right hand does. (One might argue the left brain side via the right brain side :). All in all, if you are experienced in the receipts of the Holy Books, you see a not at all 'new' phenomenon.
WATER, precious water.
Multiplication shouldn't equal robbery or theft, multiplication should be growth. Growth is gained by having everyone participate in the fruits of multiplication, which combines the efforts of work AND sharing.
The disappointment in the years after the Millenium, the outbreak of new-old irrationality, just show the truths of the ancient philosophy or 'psychology' of the heart. The concept and model of the heart which is usually seen upon as being 'religious, irrational and unscientific.
BoneHunters welcome.
Looking at the terms of the 'heart model' we find words like 'greed', 'selfishness' etc. which have been kind of extinguished out of modern days 'brain models'. And a modern heart theory isn't there either. Omg. a heart, what should that be? Modern scientific theories (with some of them quite often claiming this unbelievabe thing: 'objectivity') have left a lot of people alone. Left to a not-understanding of themselves, of others of the situations they are in. Left to be cattle for the media slaughterbanks.

When misconcepions lead, the relations of things get foggy and make one forget, that doing one thing at one place effects someone or something else at another place, even far away.

As Norbert Elias pointed out, the chains of interactions have grown longer, over the centuries. And they still grow longer, effecting all the little things of our daily lifes. Like a monster or an angel or what ever, maybe a spirit that reaches out with it's sticky fingers from a desk somewhere, maybe in some great city (or for some close to the Himalaya) towards the 'ends of the earth to get everything under it's control with the main purpose to become the greatest god-alike top notch monster or angel or whatever.
An ugly picture?
Where are the pictures of the Saints? Are there Saints? Who were the unselfish people helping others sacrificing their own lifes? Why aren't there any pictures of 'Saints' in our living rooms? Or were all Saints just religious fanatics responsible for all wars on earth and each and every cruelty filled up with blind and dumb stupidity?

'Climate change' has been upsetting peoples minds in pro and contra. There is one thing for sure, a material parallel to the dimming of the mind, it is the so called 'global dimming'. 'Global dimming' is not to be equalized with the 'global climate change' phenmenon.
9/11 (Nine-eleven) brought some things to the light: The new Millenium wouldn't bring a new 'golden peaceful age'. No. Just the same old violent ways that we know from all the past wars. Nothing new. We just continue. But 9/11 also made the discovery of a phenomenon possible which is called 'dimming'.
Dimming ...
To put the clue in one sentence: The output at one part of the earth, has a direct effect on another part or parts on our earth. There is a video on Global Dimming (60 minutes) on this subject through which you can gain some further information. It can explain for example, why there's so much poverty in certain parts of Africa.. The point is: Everybody is effecting everybody.
Everybody is effecting everybody.
Each and everyones production- as well as consumption 'habits' or 'conditions' spread an influence over all the earth, to other people.
What the mentioned video above doesn't say (and that's what I'm here for):
Each and everyones suffering of neglect is also a part, is caused by our own spirituality. Because each and everyone is more or less responsible for each and everyone on earth. This fact cannot be sensed by everybody. A lot of outstanding personalities of the public life can feel this, know this, and stand up for the poor and neglected.
Flowers at a junkyard (Europe).
What is this feeling or this perception alike?
It is the feeling of being responsible for others, being responsible for the condition of the world. There is this term 'WeltSchmerz' meaning something like WorldAche, it is a heart ache a pain of the soul caused by the knowledge of people suffering, being in pain. This feeling doesn't 'taste' very good, it demands action, to care for others. It's not necessarily a matter of guilt but of empathy, of being conscious of the interconnection of all living beings (goes for animals too).
Palyda and Tisha
One day, one will pay.
Sorry to say. There's nothing for free. Everything's got its price and all objects that aren't 'things' have their price too.
You can make something out of nothing if you work on it. It's easier to make nothing out of something, to destroy ...
Of course you know all this.

Sacrifice ... Someone has to pay, someone paid the bills, someone will pay or he/she doesn't know that he/she will have to pay ... one day. It's honest to say, that there's nothing for free. Pulling someone over the table will make one pay ... one day.
Looking for buyers ...
Any services, lifestyles, enterprises, religious or similar groups that have these 'free' offers will make you pay the harder. And they themselves will have to pay too.
There's no getting away.
Why? Because 'they' give a credit, that one didn't earn yet. Thats how one gets obligated. Actually all one gets, is a promise, a big shining beautiful looking promise that is hypnotizing and attracting.
This topic might be continued. Your comments are welcome. You can mail me at transitenator(at) and/or we can connect at twitter: transitenator (follow me, I'll follow you).
Photos are made by my children and me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Refugees Human Rights StumbleUpon

Yesterday I received a short note from Aloke Kumar on StumbleUpon. He had posted a short biography of the Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh with the dedication:
"This tribute is for Wilbau from Austria who believes in Spirituality ...".
I had one of these 'electrifying moments' with some feelings of guilt of not having done enough to promote Human Rights in the last few months.
These months weren't always sunny, people get suspicious and sometimes one can get the feeling of running against walls etc. However, this tribute of course does make me very happy and encourages me a lot. Thank you Aloke!

Before I will pass on the 'glory' or better said: 'credit' to my fellow Bloggers (and Stumblers) and to BlogCatalog I share some words about Aloke.

Aloke, 50-something, is from Calcutta, India. He sais in his profile: "We live in a fantasy world ... sometimes ... when not having a bad dream", well you can read for yourself in his profile at the above link or check into the story of Aloke Kumar's life.

On StumbleUpon, Aloke has over 1k subscribers and favored 43k items. If you want to stumble and see great pages then subscribe to him.
You can see his post on Thich Nanh Hanh below.

Now, already for a couple of years the Bloggers Unite action of BlogCatalog gives Bloggers, Vloggers and PhotoBloggers an opportunity to use their blog to make the world a better place.
"Use your space
to make the world
a better place".
Yes that sounds like something that people like John Lennon, Yoko Ono or Michel Jackson would like to hear, because they also sang about it and promoted peace (and better living qualities) years ago.

The last Action on BlogCatalog in May 2008 was for the promotion of Human Rights. Now in October 2008 if you search for the term 'human rights' at BC's new improved search you can find nearly 20.000 items ON BlogCatalog!
A lot of stumbler are also 'specialised' in stumbling pages that concern Human Rights.
And here you find my stumbled pages on Human Rights.

Now I come back to Aloke's post and I put it here, as the posts on SU have the tendency to 'disappear' in the SU blogs archives.

"Peace is every step".

"Come home to yourself".

"What if every step you took deepened your connection with all of life and imprinted peace, joy, and serenity on the earth?".

With these three last sentences (precepts) of Thich Nhat Hanh I finish this post. If you wish, you can get here some information on his 2009 US Tour.
And please feel free to comment on this post, stumble, digg, mixx ... :)

Join in!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nhat Hanh US Tour 2009 Thich

Alea iacta est. The die is cast. Is it? Come on, put on a cone hat :) and join in!

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

"Eatur quo deorum ostenta et inimicorum iniquitas vocat. Iacta alea est." (Yes, I had Latin in school, 6 years). That's the complete quote from Divus Iulius, meaning something like: "The way leads to where the signs of the gods and ... call (us).

In not 'only' looking to the signs of the gods but also to our fellow men & women, I take a look at the message (today) of Kimberly to the members of 'What is FaceBook?' Blog.

I quote her:
"This rant is not about the millions of irresponsible environmental decisions we make as a nation and a globe, which I could embellish upon for hours.

We seem to have lost connection with the raw qualities in life which are most beneficial. ones that make each day worth waking to.

* Responsibility * Loyalty * Peace * Honesty * Willingness * Motivation * Sincerity * Giving * Innocence.

Encourage social change."

Well quite a few things could be added to this list like for example 'mutual respect' etc.

Social change ... somehow it seems to be in 'our' blood to do this in violent ways ... for whatever reasons.
Thich Nhat Hanh, born 1926 in Vietnam is a buddhist monk, writer ... Zen Master. From the photos you see here, you can sense that he already had some influences into the history of the 20th century.

At PLUM VILLAGE Thich Nhat Hanh leads a year-round program of meditation practice for residents and for visitors who come for at least one week. The Summer Opening is usually from July 15 to August 15.

You might like to check some of his PRECEPTS.

Click on poster to enlarge it.

Thich (this is a buddhist monk title) Nhat Hanh will make a Tour in the US in 2009. You can check here for updated information on this tour here: US TOUR 2009

Finally, I put together a playlist of some youtube videos on Thich Nhat Hanh.
So to get some impressions of him speaking, here he is:

You'll find plenty of other videos if you do a search. If you are a blogger and have 'peaceful tendencies' :) you are also welcome to join our quiet group on BlogCatalog : Closer to God, Closer to each other.

Thanks for coming by, thanks for reading thus far, maybe leave a comment and/or subscribe to the RSS feed here, we can also connect on twitter for mutual informations ...

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