Saturday, February 16, 2008

Haunted house castle no noise

The Haunted House 'Nonoise'

Come with me on a short walk somewhere in 'central' Austria. It's late afternoon and we find some steps. No village is close, no other houses. Nature is silent. No car noise, no airplane noise. No Noise, just silence and some animals shouting in frequencies and rhythms I don't understand.

It's not only the steps, these figures are all around in this wood, which maybe has been a park, some time before, hinting to a special kind of former human habitation.

Taking a closer look at one of these figures is raising more questions, than answering them. At least we seem to approach a habitation of creatures, who are or were something close to human beings and not orcs or apes or dwarfs. However you can't always be sure of that.

This red thing at the neck looks a bit like blood, or old blood. I can't imagine that statues can bleed, however all these figures seem to be rather suffering and not happy.

Oh, and now we find an entrance.

Nobody lives here anymore. Actually everything seems to be in good shape. No persons or house animals (not even a cat) can be seen.

Yes, here you get the right impression. The photo was originally very dark. And to lighten it up made the picture milky.

Is there a way in?
We trie our luck at the back door.

Warning: "This castle is haunted!", "Beware of ghosts!"
does not appear on the signs, just a hint to use the front entrance. Hm. I feel kind of exposed 'cause it's embarassing to be counted as a guy who's always trying the back door first :-).

Maybe you know the problems of the so called 'back door user'. He or she usually completely ignores all the ways to the main entrance, and is just focussed on finding the back doors.

This means now to have to pass all kinds of figures and faces in the dark, which are for sure not turning their heads or rolling eyes. No no, they don't do that. That's a thing I know for sure.

However, some of the things I see, really make me marvel.

The following animal-head is a prove-picture, that we made it in, uninvited. There are some fairy tails where these kind of heads talk to people.

Don' t believe them.

They usually lie.

Actually, hm, in this post I don't want to tell about what happened in the house. Excuse my simple English I'm no native speaker (but I can speak native).

I can give you some hints: there was piano music (but no noise), paintings on the walls, symbols and signs that spoke of an intensive (rather short) history of this building and its inhabitants.
What happened here could maybe powerful enough to turn your stomachs 360 degrees.

We finally manage to end up in a tower which gives us some oversight.

Don't ask me, what this thing is at the bottom of the picture. Looks like smoke, doesn't it?
It can't be smoke 'cause there was nothing that smoked. No fires, nothing. The building was cold and chilly.

The area: No noise.

We survive, somehow changed.
Creepy stuff, as our eyes wander downwards. Here you can see a 'Feuersalamander'. The area was full of them and you had to take care to not step on one of them. Usually they are pretty rare. So we are cautious about our foot steps as we leave the castle behind.


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Pat said...

Wilbau - I'm intrigued by your photos of the haunted house. You can feel an energy projected from the pictures although don't know if good or bad. I take from your comments the energy did not feel too good. (Thank you for sharing a part of your world in Austria with us. I tried to review your post on StumbleUpon but couldn't find a button.)

Anonymous said...

Wow...these are GREAT...AND, I'll just bet that you'd get entirely different images (even if you shot these same objects) if you were to go on another day...

Awesome, Wilbau!

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