Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Saturday Bad Goisern

As the temperatures are rising here my 'blogging fingers' start to itch, as well as my feet that want to go outside and enjoy the explosion of life after a long cold winter.

Bad Goisern at the HallstaetterSee, surrounded by mountains.
Yes, this is the part of the world I'm living in and I'll show you just a few views and will share some short impressions from a beautiful Saturday in the  spring of 2009.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.
Some 5000+ people are living here. Hm, I could be wrong, maybe a bit more. On the above pic we are looking to the SouthWest. In winter times there's the Orion in this direction (on the sky above).

So where's the webcam?
Looking to the West there is a webcam installed close to the 'Goiserer Huette' (Goiserer Lodge).

The Goiserer Lodge (Zoomed).
From here you could take a look into 'my' world with a WEBCAM right now.

Night view of Bad Goisern from the webcam.
Please consider that we've got CentralEuropeanTime here, summertime, to be exact, so ...

Looking to the SouthEast direction (I love clouds :) there are some bigger mountains on the horizon: the DachStein.

The 'KrippenStein', a part of the DachStein.
This area is known to be populated for a couple of thousand years. The Celts were here, the Romans ...   Why? Because of the SALT, which is still won till today.

Yes, this was the proper place for a short rest.
That's why the bigger area around here is called "SalzKammerGut" which I would freely :) translate as "SaltChamberTreasure" or maybe even "SaltChamberBonus" (Hehe, U can quote me on that one).

I'm not what you could consider as a 'Local Yocal'. Decades of enjoying urban life are behind me. However, as you know, there's a time for everything.

A time to indulge in this soft fresh green, after a winter period of black and white.

And a time to watch the marriage feasts of blossoming trees with bees etc.
Nevertheless, after tripping off into foolish things I leave my place of rest and have to crawl around. Water is always a kind of attraction.

An attraction that can get dangerous for people, houses etc. so it has to be a bit controlled in civilized areas.

I always have to check the river- or creek beds for stones (and gems and gold of course). I washed some gold in Canada, a couple of years ago. (No, no, I am not rich, believe me :). The Romans were very eager to find gold and what could be found, they took already 2000 years ago... away, as they usually did in the parts of the world they conquered.
So, to say it very clear: 
The Romans conquered Others to get Others gold and not to give gold to Others.

Moogle, my search dog, leads me to something which looks like a secret gate to Mordor. Would it be justified to speak of 'Mordor Culture' in this case? 
The practical aspect might be that this thing is used for water regulation. I suppose it looks very civilized. However, walking peacefully in nature and finding such a thing is usually kind of a shock. Of course this depends from the sensual software equipment of the spectator. From one moment to another you don't feel like walkin in a creek, but in some kind of gutter.

For a proper shock treatment I uploaded a short (very humble) 3 minutes video of this very Saturday Spring day. Church bells, birds twittering (well they weren't online (yet :)).
I hope u'll enjoy it.  Your comments are welcome.


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