Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Youth Orchestras Bad Ischl

Unexpected pleasure during a walk:
gives a concert in the Kurpark Bad Ischl in Upper Austria.

Lots of visitors with lots of umbrellas ... it's been raining here now for two weeks.
Taking a walk with my dog while my wife does a visit to a doctor I came by this youth orchestra that gave a concert in the Kurpark in Bad Ischl today. They came from Innsbruck today and will go on to Vienna to give some more concerts.

Yes, they were charming.

The following short video just gives you some glimpses of these moments today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Floodwaters in Upper Austria

June 2009 in Austria will not be remembered because of it's summer heat. No. It rained in torrents, temperatures sometimes dropped beneath 10 degrees Celsius ...
So here's a short video about my personal experience of the floodings from this time.
If you don't want to see it, you can still catch some quick impressions through the photos below.

The guilty ones? The clouds!

Normally small creeks fill up their creek beds (or river beds).

Looks like some light brown boiling soup. Better not taste it.

This waterfall IS LOUD, taking a shower here would be a bad idea now.

The river Traun

On June 24th still rising ... overflow.

Usually the river is a couple of meters away and the way is dry.

Good that I got these boots (being thankful).

A fire place, hm hm, seems that it's not time to grill something ... here.

Maybe an opportunity for 'Kneipp-Fanatics' to take a 'natural' foot-bath here :)

How was the June 2009 in your area?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Oriental Carpet Meditation

A Persian Carpet Mystery Tour
Citizens in Austria are supposed to bring some kinds of garbage to so called "Altstoff-Sammel-Inseln". Translated this means something like "OldStuff-Collection-Islands".

Some people go there to bring something, nevertheless there are times to pick up something from there (ohhh my!). And this action happened to this old and very dirty carpet. So ... it took some brushing to start a basic inspection.

Well, looks kind of promising, no major oil spots or spots with some other suspect substances. However lots and lots of dust, white dust, grey dust ...

So I challenge (not really) a photo editor, which helps my imagination to what this thing could look like or might have looked like once.

Yes, ... promising. It might pay to wash this thing.

After we took the look, we take the sniff now, is there something smelly or other bad odours?

So we lay down, the test is satisfying so far.

There are possibilities. We will wash it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cats Pets LOLCAT Generation

Ladies and GentleMen!

The new LolCat Generation has arrived and waits to please you ...

... and to open your eyes to behold their beauty ...

... and to close your eyes to their food habits ... argh :( ... :) but ...

... nevertheless THEY found the way to YOU.

So ... here we go:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Putting down the MayPole

The day before the Feast of Corpus Christi (here called: 'Fronleichnam') the Maypole has been put down. While the putting up of the maypole was kind of a celebration, an 'all-together-effort', the putting down of the MayPole is/was rather not spectacular.

A truck and a few strong men ...
Nevertheless, I recorded this 'putting down' and here is the video:

Besides, there was another purpose in sharing the video. This time I uploaded a film in .mov (quick time), as I have a camera that records in this format. Usually I upload mpg or mpeg.
So ... see a difference? Hm.
Ok, thanks for coming by! See ya ;)

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