Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Oriental Carpet Meditation

A Persian Carpet Mystery Tour
Citizens in Austria are supposed to bring some kinds of garbage to so called "Altstoff-Sammel-Inseln". Translated this means something like "OldStuff-Collection-Islands".

Some people go there to bring something, nevertheless there are times to pick up something from there (ohhh my!). And this action happened to this old and very dirty carpet. So ... it took some brushing to start a basic inspection.

Well, looks kind of promising, no major oil spots or spots with some other suspect substances. However lots and lots of dust, white dust, grey dust ...

So I challenge (not really) a photo editor, which helps my imagination to what this thing could look like or might have looked like once.

Yes, ... promising. It might pay to wash this thing.

After we took the look, we take the sniff now, is there something smelly or other bad odours?

So we lay down, the test is satisfying so far.

There are possibilities. We will wash it.

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