Thursday, June 25, 2009

Floodwaters in Upper Austria

June 2009 in Austria will not be remembered because of it's summer heat. No. It rained in torrents, temperatures sometimes dropped beneath 10 degrees Celsius ...
So here's a short video about my personal experience of the floodings from this time.
If you don't want to see it, you can still catch some quick impressions through the photos below.

The guilty ones? The clouds!

Normally small creeks fill up their creek beds (or river beds).

Looks like some light brown boiling soup. Better not taste it.

This waterfall IS LOUD, taking a shower here would be a bad idea now.

The river Traun

On June 24th still rising ... overflow.

Usually the river is a couple of meters away and the way is dry.

Good that I got these boots (being thankful).

A fire place, hm hm, seems that it's not time to grill something ... here.

Maybe an opportunity for 'Kneipp-Fanatics' to take a 'natural' foot-bath here :)

How was the June 2009 in your area?

1 comment:

Clement said...

Wow!I just hope that people and property will remain safe.In Tokyo, we have rains but up to this extent.

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