Friday, December 5, 2008


December 5th is a special day in Austria. Usually of more importance in the rural areas: The Krampus Day.

For quite some time a lot of people have been working on their devil masks. Now in these days it's time to show up with these. Yes, things like these happen in Central Europe ;)

Good masks are carved out of wood.

No limits to anyones phantasy. However the devils do not wear any signs that could be connected with offensive sexual content.

The Evolution of Devils ;)
(when everything evolved why not them?).

The facial expressions could pretty good reflect the standard typical mood of some social network members. (Not you, of course).

As a devil has to make much noise, here's some equipment to produce it. Krampusse wear chains too. However this doesn't have something to do with SM-treatement. (SM=Sado-Maso).

Some 'devils' seem to 'have' great appetite. Watch out that you don't become a dinner for them.

Yes, pictures of an exhibition. I will try to get some 'live' ones on Sunday (very difficult and dangerous), if it works I will post them here, so come back.

Furs of foxes. The use of Fox Furs let's me think of a lot of Chinese Fairy Tales in which Foxes do play an important part. People can turn into foxes. These foxes can be dead people or something like Zombies. Usually they don't bring nice presents.

This guy got brains, so watch out for what he's got to say.

On December 6h is the 'Nikolaus Day'. He can show up at decent peoples houses, asks the kids if they've done good and behaved well and if they did they get some sweets. Before the sweets got invented he would give to them apples (no computers) and nuts.

Krampus traditions are mostly practised in the mountain regions of Austria (well some hills might work on it too). Therefore some Krampusses look like mountain spirits.

No, it's not KISS, though they seem to work on it.

As I said ... pictures of an exhibition.

So pray for me, that I'll survive this evening ;)

Oh, this one seems to like you too!

If you need a devil avatar you can help your self at:
Only 99 $ per Avatar which you can donate
to a any charity organisation. ;) of your choice
hm, however you can make it yourself cheaper.

You can see some of them in action on youtube:


Lifecruiser said...

Totally insane - and I guess that's why people loves it :-)

Some of them are really well done. Great post and photos!

mr-mojo-risin said...

Des is ned da Krampus, des san Prechtn, aba des fuiz kompliziat ums de Preissn zum erklean...

Pascht scho leiwandne Buildln...

Sara said...

SO creepy!! Hope you get some pics of live ones:)

mancai said...

wow very interesting

Michael Herrmann said...

Interesting. Is there any place to buy masks?


Michael F. Herrmann

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

realysome interesting snaps...

well done...great posts and photos

Jim said...

wow , some of them are really scary

yulia said...

ugh... such a nightmare for me...
swear..I'm scared to see the pictures..

Anonymous said...

hey where i can buy this mask?? pliss! tell meee!!!.....

wilbau said...

@ "where i can buy this mask?".
The proper search terms for such an action are:



"perchten masken kaufen".

('Kaufen' = shopping).

Best wishes.

Flora said...

Wow your Krampus creations are fabulous!!!!

check this site said...

Creative but so scary.

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