Friday, February 12, 2010

Vancouver Photos Impressions

I spent a couple of times in Canada, mostly British Columbia, so I'll share now some photos I made in Vancouver.
Imagine, going by ship to Canada? Well, no, we went by airplane. It was pretty cheap at that time to fly. And no big security hassles.
Nevertheless it's quite possible to go to Vancouver by ship. (Or by bicycle if you are from the US, (just kidding) :).
A part of the harbor.
A bit more of the harbor.
And more harbor.
A place to stay, hm, we spent some time in youth hostels too, not just motels.
Rubbing my eyes.
Is this British?
That one looks modern.
Some street views.
Some tiny streets.
Can't remember this one, you might know.
Yes, we are definitely in the middle of the world. Seems so.
Skyscrapers and beaches. It's too cold to take a bath.
Details from a LOL Totem. You can suggest what IT's saying :)

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