Sunday, May 25, 2008

M%C3%BCnsterl%C3%A4nder MunsterLander dog life

Don't let yourself get fooled. The above photo I took, from my neighbours pig :)

Well, what can I say about the so called 'Münsterländer' = Muensterlaender = M%C3%BCnsterl%C3%A4nder ?

Well, 'lander' comes from 'land' which is something like 'country'.

And 'Münster' is something like a big church, kind of a cathedral, however theologians or architects would know more about that. So in calling an animal 'Münsterländer' you can expect that it is coming from a land full of churches, which is surely true, as in Austria, Germany, UK there are lots of them.

As it is popular in para-scientific approaches, I have to make a connection to the evolution of the Münsterländer (to show that I'm on the right side, hehe).

Well the evolution of the Münsterländer (as you could expect) ... hm, ehem, it of course derived from the wolfes. And the wolfes derived from whatever. For your better imagination of the historical evolutionary facts you might just focus on the following picture:

The Pre-Münsterlander howling at the moon, 200.000 years b.C.
Thanks to Emanuela Grieshofer for the drawing of this realistic impression.

So now let's have a look on what a Münsterländer could look like today:
Yes, I know, some people would argue, that this dog is NO Münsterländer. However to define this dog as Münsterländer was not my idea. 90 percent of dog-owners that I (we) met, called this dog a Münsterländer. So, as I tend to listen to the majorities voice, you might have to put up with this. If you have the urgent feeling of contradicting me in this, please leave a comment, I will surely change my mind, if you come up with the proper arguments.

Don't ask me at what he's looking (Mugl is his name).
'Mugl' doesn't have something to do with the MUGGLS of the Harry Potter world.
It's just, that in our family, we call black animals: Mugls. We once had a black cat and her name was Mugl too.

Mugl loves water, and the birds on it.

He has learned to sit still and quiet, while I make photographies.

Checking the wind.

Loves snow of course and digs in it.

Hunting a 'Maulwurf'.

Again in the water looking for ducks.

Where are they?

Having diverse forms of breaks.

And maybe a nap in between.

Checking ...

Resting ...

Here, Mugl was pretty young, still got kind of a baby's face.

Watching ...

A great outlook ...

Normally friendly ...

Sometimes barking at people he doesn't like.
Lots of people pass by this place every day,
so he is kind of a public dog-figure,
maybe even: a dog of fame.

Hope you enjoyed this short parcour on the 'Münsterländer'.

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