Monday, June 9, 2008

Flowers of my Garden

Well, I (we) just got a small garden. And most of the time in the year it's rather cold here in the Austrian Mountains. We do really burn a mountain of wood every winter, to keep it warm.
And sometimes we even have to make fire in July, when on cold days the temperatures can get as low as 8-12 degrees Celsius.
However I'll make another post on the snow and ice experiences here and show you now some flowers of which I made some photos in the last few days.

Yes, here it is the famous 'Edelweiss' ( Leontopodium alpinum ).
We got a bushle here. Snails like to eat the young ones and
it's hard to find plants that won't be eaten by snails.

Next one I don't know the name, sorry,
in the sunlight they shine so bright,
close to hurting ones eyes.

In the picture below on the left side you see an insect
(not a colibri but something behaving similar)
sucking at the blossoms.

And again some 'no name' flowers.

Now to one of my favorite places for taking a nap or a rest: my hammock.

From there you can watch the sky and the roses waving in the wind.

Take a closer look and yes, it looks like that , without makeup.

Usually I don't go for the colour of roses, but for the scent. I chose roses that have this magical something that turns a screw in the back of your head and gears you to another platform of existence. No soapy smell in the front of your nose is wanted, but a fragrance that instantly turns you happy and pacified.

Now changing the subject we get into 'dope' and 'heavy addiction': Poppies

Well, if flowers can speak, what do they tell you?

Yes, words do fail.

In the left back of the following pictures you see my 1986 Ford Truck.
(Spare me to talk about cars now).

These flowers don't talk. They yell.

And there is also this kind.
Both types of poppies are considered to be 'turkish poppies'.

Flowers playing Halloween?

And close to us do these goats live.
Please consider the pig on the right side. Named: 'Sissi'.
In the near future I'll do a post called:
The animals of my neighbours. - My neighbour animals.
See ya! Take care!


Laila Hussein said...

WOW!! You have such a wonderful garden! I do envy you :). Keep up the great work!

HART (1-800-HART) said...

Nice Garden!

Someone told me I could find some of that purple moss (?) to fill up the cracks between step stones at Walmart, but I have never gotten around to it. I imagine it might look like that first photo!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...



Kamalachandra said...

Hi! I ve been posting to 100acorns since that wise new Yoko's event started. I was checking the profiles of all the nice people from all over the world who are posting there too. That is how I came across your blogspot. I really love those flowers pics! So I was introduced to the famous "edelweiss". Really lovely flower. And it is a real celebrity. Imagine there is a teahouse near my home, here in Argentina, named after it and it is not the only one.Those flowers from your garden work like the tiny sun Yoko suggested us to place in our hearts: they warm my heart. I also love the pic of the goats and Sissi, the pig. I love animals. Your pics made me feel like thanking you for sharing their beauty. I will go on browsing your blogspot. Peace and Love from Argentina.

rampantheart said...

The flowers in your garden look very lovely!Whenever i am stressed out, i make it a point to visit my garden and look at the flowers and the feeling can never be compared to any thing in the world.

falsomagro said...

Nice Garden and nice photos ;-)
What about your camera?

Hicham said...

And who can't love flowers :)

Magnificent indeed, which again reminds me with how great is God (Allah) to creat things like that for us, if even we pause sometime to think

Keep up the great work, Wilbau

Annice said...

Good words.

hephotos said...

Very nice. You have a beautiful garden

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