Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soccer Malawi Egypt World Cup

Welcome to a short photo safari to Malawi Africa. These are photos my daughter sent me today as she was visiting the soccer game Egypt - Malawi on the last weekend (June 2008).

Petra is working in Malawi on a new project, which might be introduced in a separate post here in this blog sometime in the future. I already reported once on a previous project in Malawi.

So, last weekend she had a chance to visit this soccer game. In Europe and especially in Austria and Switzerland, the EURO 2008 is going on. Me personally doesn't care a lot about this kind of sports and I write this post, because the following pictures catch some of the spirit of an interesting and beautiful African country.

At the beginning of the game, the hymns of Egypt and Malawi are played.

Security guards.


The soccer game Egypt - Malawi going on.

The TV crews on top of the tribunes 'highlighted'.

And here she is: Petra, reporting from the Soccer event.

Security guards with guns and teargas tanks.

Some 40.000 Fans.

The game is over.

So what happened? In the World Cup qualifying, Malawi upset Egypt 1 - 0
The African champions lost 1-0 in the last minute of extra time (Chiukepo Msowoya scored).
This was a surprise victory and the Egypt coach Hassan Shehata said that "Malawi played a better game, that's all I can say".
Reason enough for the coach of Malawi, Kinna Phiri, to rejoice.

Fans rejoicing, heading home.

A great day for the Soccer Team of Malawi

After having done this post, I have to be a bit sarcastic about myself. I created this word-game (or whatever):

(Long 'intellectual' explanation comes first):

Soccer in German means 'Fuss-ball' which means 'foot-ball'.
American football is different from soccer and fussball.

In the right now ongoing Austrian-Swiss-European soccer craze (EURO 2008 hype), with all this MST (media-soccer-terrorism) which is making so much fuss about soccer ...

'fussball' is really the right word for this kind of sports, cause it consists mainly on making fuss about a ball. Ok. Haha. That was my try to make a joke. Keep laughing. See ya.


Egyptian Papyrus said...

It's really cool

footiam said...

Soccer brings so much joy to so many people. Don't you think that wonderful?

Adrienne Zurub said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! What an interesting site you have
Glad I got to explore and discover you.

Adrienne Zurub

Hicham said...

Walibu: This is realy sweet either from you or your daughter so thanks for sharing :)

I'm not a soccer-football fan myself so the most interesting for me is watching the reactions that the photos reflect.

Footsteps said...

Really interesting post! It always amazes me how sports transcend language and culture differences...
Thanks for sharing this!

Footsteps said...

Really interesting post! It always amazes me how sports transcend language and culture differences...
Thanks for sharing this!

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