Saturday, September 20, 2008

WorldWar Bomb Explosion Vienna

Sept. 20th, 2008 --- Yesterday, Friday evening, another bomb exploded close to Vienna (on Vienna territory). Sad to say, these kind of souvenirs of WWII. are still popping up. Glad to say, that no one was hurt.
In the late evening hours, earthquake-like vibrations were registered by the Austrian Geodynamical Registration Center (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik = ZAMG).
The shake was also perceived by many citicens who informed the police.

On Saturday morning the aircraft bomb crater (46 feet wide, 20 feet deep) was found at a market garden (botanical nursery).

Probably 63 years ago, an aircraft bomb (550- 1100 pounds) had drilled itself into the earth.
Reason for the detonation now was (also probably) an acid detonator (fuze) that ignited the explosive body.

Above a 'new' bomb from 2. WorldWar times. Depending on the country of origin there are/were different types like for example: 'SAP 1000 lp' or 'GP 500 lb'. From 1944-1945 there were 53 aircraft bomb attacks on Vienna, dropping 100.000-120.000 bombs, leaving approx. 10.000 dead, destroying around 7000 buildings.

Since 1946 in Austria around 21.000 bombs (duds = UXO s = unexploded ordnance devices) were found. The general rule of thumb is that the sixth part of dropped bombs didn't explode.
Around 14.000 explosive war relicts are still supposed to lurk underneath (all of Austria). So, these were some numbers for Austria. And here a big THANK YOU to the people who help us to get rid of these things.

Now just a short comparison Vienna-Berlin. In Berlin alone, around 500.000 aircraft bombs were dropped, with estimated 5 % UXOs which would be ... 25.000 bombs. Experts suppose at least 3000 bombs to still lurk in Berlins underground.

I collected a short playlist on youtube in commemoration of these horrible days of WorldWar 2 and you'll also find the 'old' song 'Masters of War' performed by Bob Dylan in June 2008 in Vienna.



If anybody needs such a thing: Here's a piece of BOMB-ART. It's not an 'art-piece' :) to gloryfy war, it was just a way to draw some attention to this post from my friends in the various networks.

Turning things upside down, inside out.


Kate said...

it's amazing how big the craters are! I grew up on a farm and one of our fields had a couple of bomb craters left when pilots from a nearby WW2 airbase had to jettison their bombs before landing. They were absolutely enormous, you could have built a house inside.

transitenator said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for your comment. Yes, 'mankind' is great in making great bombs that make great holes. The research for this post sometimes made my hair stand up. Especially some other kinds of bombs. And up to this very day a lot of brainpower goes into the development of these things. I was surprised that there are still so many bombs lurking in European Earth. And a lot of people are not aware of this.

Marvia said...

Thanks for sharing this news. Are there any markers in these places warning persons of the danger? A similar problem exists in sections of Panama following US occupation. There are 110,000 pieces of UXO left here and there was no war the size of World War II.
It is sad!

Lifecruiser said...

Wow. I'm so glad it weren't nearer those buildings in the background. I had no idea that there still is bombs left there... phew. Close.

Anonymous said...


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