Monday, September 29, 2008

Ancient Navy Inland Navigation

Ok, we continue now our 'walk' from the Traun bridge of Bad Goisern to a bridge in Steeg which belongs to Bad Goisern too. To get there quicker we use a car.

And here we are, maybe just one or two miles away from the former bridge, now at the place where the Hallstaetter lake flows into the Traun.

So, let's have a look around. On the right side you see the 'Steeg' bridge and left thereoff there is the so called 'Clausn am Steg' a logging dam to regulate flood waters. What's special about it?
It's over 500 years old.
In the year 1511 a logging dam was built on this place which was destroyed by flood waters. Then again in the year 1573 a new logging dam was built by the logmaster? (dam-master?) (excuse me I don't know the English term and didn't find it either) ... ehem by the 'WührMeister' Thomas Seeauer. The building served to regulate the waters of the river Traun, because at this time till up to the year 1877 the ships with the salt, that came from Hallstatt, went further to the North. Why only till 1877? Well then the railway line was built and the transport on the river was stopped.

We look around ... plenty of ducks ... clean water nevertheless ...

Mostly nature all around, not many houses at the shore, nice for walking. The black dog you might know if you read this post on the Muensterlaender :)

We had two weeks of rain and now is the second of the sunny days at the end of September 2008
Now in the above picture we look towards Hallstatt and the Dachstein. However you can't see Hallstatt nore the Dachstein because they are behind the mountain on the right. From this direction the salt ships were coming to enter the Traun river.

Now in the photo below we look into the other direction, we've got the Hallstaetter lake in our back and are heading towards a northern direction. In this direction the salt was shipped.

What the mountains around us look like, vegetation and stuff.

Yes, we got electrictiy here :) Thanks for asking :)

Sometimes you see human artefacts in the water, good for something, maybe dry feet or so?

Or maybe the river got some kind of teeth? Well through out the centuries lots of people died in their works to get salt, to transport salt ... Let's take a minute for a short prayer for them ...

Well we step out of the deep waters of rememberance and discover again, that it's a beautiful day, and we ... are still alive and our dog is engaged in barking against the ducks which ... don't care about the dog. However they might underestimate him, cause he's a good swimmer, but of course, he can't fly.
In the background of the above picture you see some dark pieces of wood which you now, in the following photo, can identify as a traditional boat of the area here, a so called 'Zille'.

Thanks for joining me so far on this short trip into the past. If you like to continue this walk have a look at the area of the Hallstatt World Heritage place to get some impressions there.
See ya!

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