Friday, October 24, 2008

Butterfly Award Effect Symbol

Yesterday I received a 'butterfly award' of Hicham (Cairo-Egypt) and will pass this award onwards to 10 bloggers.

Though I live in a beautiful mountain area, butterflies are rare here (now). And of all the thousands of photos I made this year I just got a handfull of butterfly pics.
Here is one: Can you find the butterfly? You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

The butterfly is exactly in the middle of the photo.

"It has been said ..." hm, I always liked to mock about the chaos theory, however a lot depends on the perspectives ... Nevertheless in taking daily walks and looking to the ground, the floor seems to be a perfect chaos of dying leaves. Or maybe I have misunderstood something :)

As I said above, the reason for this post was the message from Hicham, a fellow blogger and friend from Cairo-Egypt, that I'd gotten the 'butterfly award' which afterwards (of course :) led to some reasoning about the activity of blogging itself as well as to some other inspiring, uplifting and encouraging aspects.
The Blogger as a butterfly, you saw it in the first photo above: the butterfly wasn't easy to discover. The resting butterfly (just a blog in itself) can sometimes hardly be seen, one has to search for it and has to know what he/she is searching for.
Much more easily we can see the butterflies when they flatter around from flower to flower (leaving comments and thus also meaning referring to itself, but also giving feedback and seeds to the visited flowers (also blogs). So this is the picture of the blogger as a butterfly and blogs as being flowers.

Before I announce the winners just a few words to the

Award’s Rules

* Put the logo on your blog;

* Add a link to the person
who awarded it to you.;

* Link 10 other bloggers
to whom you give this award to.

The winners are (alphabetically):

Another thing that immediately presses into my mind (this seems to come from educational brainwashing :) in connection to butterflies is the so called butterfly effect.
The butterfly effect which is spiritually at home in the chaos-theory sais something like: "If a butterfly claps its wings in one part of the earth, then something else happens in another part of the earth. Or so.
The butterfly is a symbol of: change transformation resurrection the soul ... more to butterfly-symbolism.

You'll find some links here that have more elaborated words than mine. So what the butterfly effect could describe is that doings and happenings in one part of the world can have an effect or cause an event in another part of the world.
Change one thing, change everything!

Some of the pics above I cut out the Oasis video: "Stop Crying Your Heart Out". Well, hehe, we bloggers and twitters will still do that ... :)
Nevertheless here is this inspiring video:


At another blog I put a playlist about Butterfly effect videos plus a short touching story about a caterpillar. Hope you enjoyed this post. Please bookmark, stumble digg mix etc. it and again:
Congratulations to the winners. Are burdens our blessings? Comments are very welcome!


Ketogah said...

how very kind of you! I was just talking about "butterfly medicine" a whole lot lately. So it is a nice synchronicity. Thanks so much!

xxx nancy

Kimberly Bock said...

I really enjoyed reading this and thank you for the 'award' ..tre' schweet.

I'll be responding over the weekend at some point.

Even species butterflies are becoming extinct. A good time to give them some attention.

Thanks again! Have a terrific weekend.

Hicham said...

Wilbau, your amazing blog deserved it.

Aside from the award itslef, I always found butterflies amazing not merely for their colours but mainly for the idea of resurrection in their life cycle!

Happy blogging for the awarded blogs and for you too :)

Lifecruiser said...

Congratulations, you really deserved the award. I enjoy your blog very much. My problem is that there is so many good bloggers out here that I wanna be a butterfly-swarm to be able to visit all of them all the time ;-)

Wow. Thanks x millions. I'm very honored. and touched. Little me among those great bloggers... I have to check them up properly too.

Sorry for being a tad late, but I've been busy dealing with an copyright issue lately. Another blog has been using my copyrighted photos without permission from me. Obviously I'm not happy about that, especially since it's a no good blog with some links I really dislike. *sigh*

Robert said...

Vielen Dank für den Schmetterling! Mein Blog ist ja eher noch im Puppenstadium; aber trotzdem: Vielen Dank für die Anerkennung!
Fröhliches bloggen weiterhin! Robert

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