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Nhat Hanh US Tour 2009 Thich

Alea iacta est. The die is cast. Is it? Come on, put on a cone hat :) and join in!

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

"Eatur quo deorum ostenta et inimicorum iniquitas vocat. Iacta alea est." (Yes, I had Latin in school, 6 years). That's the complete quote from Divus Iulius, meaning something like: "The way leads to where the signs of the gods and ... call (us).

In not 'only' looking to the signs of the gods but also to our fellow men & women, I take a look at the message (today) of Kimberly to the members of 'What is FaceBook?' Blog.

I quote her:
"This rant is not about the millions of irresponsible environmental decisions we make as a nation and a globe, which I could embellish upon for hours.

We seem to have lost connection with the raw qualities in life which are most beneficial. ones that make each day worth waking to.

* Responsibility * Loyalty * Peace * Honesty * Willingness * Motivation * Sincerity * Giving * Innocence.

Encourage social change."

Well quite a few things could be added to this list like for example 'mutual respect' etc.

Social change ... somehow it seems to be in 'our' blood to do this in violent ways ... for whatever reasons.
Thich Nhat Hanh, born 1926 in Vietnam is a buddhist monk, writer ... Zen Master. From the photos you see here, you can sense that he already had some influences into the history of the 20th century.

At PLUM VILLAGE Thich Nhat Hanh leads a year-round program of meditation practice for residents and for visitors who come for at least one week. The Summer Opening is usually from July 15 to August 15.

You might like to check some of his PRECEPTS.

Click on poster to enlarge it.

Thich (this is a buddhist monk title) Nhat Hanh will make a Tour in the US in 2009. You can check here for updated information on this tour here: US TOUR 2009

Finally, I put together a playlist of some youtube videos on Thich Nhat Hanh.
So to get some impressions of him speaking, here he is:

You'll find plenty of other videos if you do a search. If you are a blogger and have 'peaceful tendencies' :) you are also welcome to join our quiet group on BlogCatalog : Closer to God, Closer to each other.

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Kimberly Bock said...

It's funny that you should say this after what I just finished writing for this mornings post. I write on paper first, then editor. I wanted to comment here first.

"Social change ... somehow it seems to be in 'our' blood to do this in violent ways ... for whatever reasons."

In this country we are more supportive of killing in the name of protection than proactivity, like kindness, nurturing our ill, etc..I just can't understand ur reasoning. They say it's because I am Bipolar. I say, Bipolar or not, I know love's qualities. And we aren't doing a good job of giving much of it.

wilbau said...

Hi Kimberly

Thank you so very much for this comment :)
I really appreciate it.

When I was writing "... seems to be in 'our' blood to do this in violent ways ..." I actually already knew that this would be a somehow delicate or controversial point.

In using the term 'OUR blood' I didn't want to hint to some specific nation, in order to accuse THEM for violence, as violence (or war for something) has it's place in the history of most countries (sad to say) inklusive Austria which also has sinned in the past against it's neighbours (for example Hungary etc.).

@'our BLOOD': Violence also has it's place in todays favorite dogma of origins & development, in the dogma of evolution (at least in Europe) which -as everybody knows nowadays- preaches the survival of the fittest.
This is a sight of things that excludes the traditional biblical teachings of: "The peaceful shall inherit the earth" which is also an official view of the Roman Catholic Church.
Well nevertheless some people might be able to mix these two.

Usually depending on the ideological point of view (for example if religious or atheistic) various institutions (and/or people) blame each other for being responsible for conflict, war & inhumanity. Atheists blame churches & religion, religious people blame the godlessness etc. Some blame 'the stupid', some blame the 'intelligent' etc.

The philosophy of conflict has it's own old traditions, with one of the most famous greek proponents Plato who said something like "War is the origin of all things".

This philosophy found it's way into the teachings of Karl Marx and ... others.

On the other side of the political spectrum we find a liberalistic model which works more like the above described evolution model.

8 years ago in the Millenium year I was really hoping that the time of the big wars would be over. That wars would be now a thing of the past. I like the European idea, of connecting, doing things together, getting common rules and laws and not to fight against each other anymore, as the Euopeans have done for centuries.

Then 9/11 occured with an irrational outbreak of violence all over the earth. New enemies were found and defined. A new great cause 'the fight against terror' started which seems to be somehow a satisfying task as terrorists now seem to pop up all over the earth, in every country ... giving reason to engage in torture inprisonment, brutal warfare and incredible inhumanity.

After the bombing of a marriage feast which left the bridal couple and thirty more people dead I HEARD a responsible person say: "Also bad people do have their feasts".


And I pray
that 'bad people'
can become
'good people'

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