Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magic Flower Power Avatars

As you know: Avatars are a vivid element of cyberculture and ... it's fall 2008, harvest time, ... and I present to you these avatars, all flowers from my tiny garden in Austria. Photos of flowers that grew this past year 2008. The snow is already on the mountains around us, the flowers themselves are 'history' now but can 'live' further in the web :) .

So here's my 'flower power meadow' and underneath you can pick some flowers .

Please leave a comment about which avatar you did like best. Thank you!

The avatars have a size of 150 * 150 pixels, filesize is between 6 - 12 kilobyte (kb). The average size is approx. 8-9 kb. These pictures are 'free', for your personal usage.
Hope you like them and find an apt one for your life on the web.

For downloading an avatar to your computer just rightclick an avatar and 'save as' to a folder of your choice.

There are more ('natural') flower-avatars (fa001-fa041) in this post: Blumen Avatare Edelweiss


fa043 The PinkPurple Bee

fa044 Orange Rose

fa045 ScentRose

fa046 SunFlower

fa047 Turkish Poppy

fa048 HollyHock Mallow

fa049 Luck Clover, ShamRock

fa050 MariGold, Calendula Officinalis

fa051 Rose

fa052 EdelWeiss, strange colours

fa053 Magic Poppy

fa054 Luck Clover

fa055 Rose

fa056 BlueBottle, CornFlower

fa057 Rocking Edelweiss

fa058 HollyHock

fa059 Rose

fa060 MariGold

fa061 SunFlower

fa062 Digital Mallow

fa063 NoName Flower

fa064 Rose

fa065 MariGold

fa066 Poppy

fa067 Poppy

fa068 HollyHock

fa069 Poppy

fa070 Rose

fa071 Poppy

fa072 HollyHock

fa073 SunFlower

fa074 Rose

fa078 PurpleBee

fa079 Rose of Orleans

If you like these photos / avatars PLEASE leave a short comment and 'vote' for the one(s) you like best. Thank you!


English Bulldogs For Sale said...

these are really good avatars

Timon Weller said...

wow, you must have a good flower garden there Wilbau...
Purple and red flowers are my favourites...

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