Monday, October 6, 2008

Vienna Calling

Yesterday I had to make an one day trip to Vienna, to get some things done. Well come and join me for a second on that trip. Left in the morning from our home in Upper Austria. A wet and rainy day.

Got a bunch of lakes here, mountains too and some tunnels.

Exciting lights in the tunnels ...

And after a while we head towards Vienna on the highway (called 'WestAutoBahn' thus meaning: 'WestCarTrain' :) hehe.

In the above picture you see some watching engines, so that big brother knows what we do, if we drive too quick etc. etc. ('They' can sense us! EEEEhhhhhh).

Hm, for a Saturday, there's pretty much traffic. I suppose that a lot of people try to trade their bank deposits for some hardware of any kind, to at least have something in hand in these uncertain times ...

We're getting closer to Vienna, in the above picture we're close to another highway called 'SüdOstTangente' which is famous for car accidents and happenings of all kinds.

And now we already passed by the 'Vienna borders' (there was no control, hihi). Some years ago 'they' had put up a big sign at the Vienna entrance :) which said: "Wien ist anders." (= Vienna is different) which always made us crack up. Different? Different from what?

As a faithful reader of this blog you have read thus far and deserve now to hear two secrets:
The first is, that I grew up in this city in the 50ies, and 60ies of the 20th century. Yes, I'm ancient :) , though my hair is fair and not grey or white. The second secret is about the above photo.
Not so many people know that this place was the private train / tram station of his majesty the KAISER (over a hundred years ago).

And now Tatarataaa: Schönbrunn (BeautyfullWell) the former residence of the KAISER. However also Democrats (or maybe better said: Republicans) like to wine and dine in there. Hoho.

I hope you understand, I didn't stop to take these pictures. My son was the driver and I just took some photos along the way. However these shots are not unimportant. You see here some sights, that not many tourists have seen, but are very common to Viennese people.

Above, a glimpse of Meidling, the 12th district.

Above a glimpse of Wieden, the 4th district, here the major street there, the Wiedner Hauptstraße.

Everything just normal. Somebody or something alway hangs out.

All the exiting views and sounds that nobody wants to miss otherwise he or she wouldn't know where he or she would be.

Now in the photo below, the street called 'Gürtel' = 'Guertel' which means belt. One could write books about this belt, I won't be this one.

The oh so familiar looks with a certain atmosphere.

In the pic below: the WienZeile (just a small piece of it).

Below a glimpse of the ancient 'StadtBahn' (CityTrain) (Upper part of the picture, the train in the half down under is a normal 'StraßenBahn' = StreetTrain.

Below a familiar glimpse of the 13. district: 'Hitzing'.

And we are turning our backs on Vienna, again heading into the 'province', to the country side, where the fields are waiting to be harvested (if not already done).

Passing by the Stift Melk. They got so many books. Unbelievable, so I won't tell.

Again, at the WestAutoBahn, that you already know. And ... we got winds here :) ...

And, ahhhh, coming home in our area with mountains and lakes, trees and and...

... heading again through the tunnels.

Did you enjoy this short trip with me? Maybe leave a comment. Have a good day.


Hicham said...

Wilbau, the pics are great. As for the 'Big Brother' I don't know why they bother themselves with such things? Google Earth Pro can do the job for them :s

CailinMarie said...

oh I LOVE the picture of the train tunnel in the rain! Beautiful and so many memories. I lucked out as a kid and did the dodd thing in Germany.
My dad took us skiing in Austria often. Lucky kids.

Tiffiney said...

Wow very cool pictures!!! Maybe I will make it over that way one day, when the kids are grown and we can afford to travel you for sharing!! :)

Anonymous said...

I came here vis Mark Stoneman's Blog Roundup .

Very beautiful pictures. I've a friend who grew up in Vienna but he never seems to care about sharing what it is like over there.


Pentad said...

Gorgeous scenery. I loved all of the surrounding mountains. Thanks!

harleyblues said...

hiya Wilbau

Iv'e never seen Austria cool beans!

Sara said...

I've always wanted to go to Austria...your pictures make me want to go even more!

The Totton Linnet said...

Lovely pics Wil, atmosperic, I once was fortunate enough to visit Salzburg.

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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