Sunday, December 20, 2009

Advent Walk

Avoiding the busy walking streets of the cities, if you are close to Obertraun, Hallstatt, Gosau or Golling. You could take a look at the Hallstätter Lake and the surrounding mountains.
At a certain point you turn to the left and end up ...

... in a dead end street.
There's a house with a viking painted on it and ...

... there are some people waiting for you to take you to a small walk through a bit of wilderness nature that's close to the lake.

Nature is fairly untouched, you might say even neglected. Well that's part of the joy of it.

There are no traces (we are actually happy that there are no bears) so we can leave fresh marks in the snow.

The lake is kind of steaming because the air is so cold.

Looking at the lake calms us down.

There are plenty of trouts in this creek (GosauBach).

Oops, somebody is looking and shouting at us or ...?

Maybe I should wear glasses, it's only a poor amputated tree.

Though the temperatures are far down beyond Zero this apple tree still got the fruits on it.

Following a short video from our walk, with a busy duck as a star.


Coming back home, we enjoy some candle light which is set up in the midst of some knickknack. Or ' Kitsch ', if you want to call it that.
Some may also speak of ' hokiness' or ' sob stuff '.

The light is dimmed, a bagpipe is pulled out and ...

... after nine years of none-practise some noises are squeezed out of the bag pipe.

We remember the place where we bought this piece. That was in Köthen (formerly East Germany).

Medieval Music and dancing there in front of the old church.

The tower of the church in Köthen.
If you like to listen to some more professional medieval bagpipe music you might enjoy the following video.


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