Saturday, December 19, 2009


Winter has it's grip these days in a lot of parts of Europe. Polar winds lowered the temperatures quickly. Well, most of the streets even in alpine areas are still open in Austria.

Street leading to Hallstatt
Along the streets huge icicles are growing and with some phantasy and imagination you could see some threatening faces with 'icicle-mouths'.

The hungry IceMonster is eagerly waiting for ...
At the lakes the ice surface is growing.

Moogle dog is testing the ice.
If you happen to live in an older house with non-modern windows and under certain circumstances iceflowers can give a kind of comfort, hm, maybe a kind of reward (or excuse of the winter) for the absence of the sun.

IceFlowers can make you drift into a magical landscape.

The black dots come from (pardon me) ... dirt on the window.

A few more photos from iceflowers. I will not comment these. Maybe you like to do this below in the comment section ? I'd appreciate it.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

So ... back we are from a kind of trip to the iceworld. Thanks for coming by!

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pharmacy said...

These ice flowers looks incredible! why you don't post more stuff like this ?

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