Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Climate Change Camels in Alps

Is it a mirage, fata morgana or just a simple halluzination?

Riding on camels in the alps? :)

Above photo taken at the dead sea in Israel (1997), looking towards the mountains of the Lebanon.

The natural environment of camels is usually the desert. Above you see the Sahara.

It's such a thing with camels in the alps ... will there be a time when it's normal that camels inhabit Central Europe?


What will the temperatures be like in 100 years? Temperature changes.

Recently there has been lots of discussions about the climate(s) changing.
Copenhagen Climate Conference.

People start looking at the sky ... a CO2 threat from above?

A matter of instant evolution? :)

Nibbling and noshing ... it tastes great.

The new common sight ... just usual ... ?

One could start meditating on the subject ' Camels Nose ' and ' Climate Change '. Are politicians trying to get their hands into peoples pockets with the help of ' science ' ?

Or is the CO2 threat a ' camels nose ' itself. The nose of something like pollution of the environment. A boomerang?

Original natives of the Alps: The Chamois, also called ' Gemse ', ' Gams '.

Another native: a simple goat.

Camels Nose: the danger of the first approach ...

There is this fable of the camels nose ...

There are also interesting proverbs concerning camels for example:
"Little by little the camel goes into the couscous."
(from Saudi Arabia).

Or another proverb:
"One camel doesn't make fun of anothers camel's hump."
(from Marocco)

The riddles solution: a circus was in town! :)

Nevertheless you might remember the poem "For want of a nail" ... (the shoe was lost) etc.
And in this proverb there is the warning that with or in permitting undesirable situations there will be (or there could be) gradual worsening of situations. The ' butterfly effect ', if you believe in Chaos Theory. Or chains of causalitiy if you tend to be more rational.

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