Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stoana Granite Stones Faces

It's the time of the year that some cats somehow ... at once prefer to eat bird-food.

Well. when you can't catch birds then ...
Nevertheless we take a walk in a northern part of Austria: The MühlViertel. Usually it's pretty windy here, so we take some shelter in the woods.

Wind and sun have 'eaten' the snow.

The sun is shining bright outside of the wood.

The whole area is full of granite stones in the various forms.

Compared to stones, houses are subject to vanity.

A stone giant looking, sleeping ... ?

Rather sleeping, as we analyze.

Stone giants might frighten children.

Oops, and here is another one ... doesn't look very happy.

So I shared here some photos of my archive. In recent weeks I spent a lot of time digitalizing my 'analog' photos.

Finally ... a 'fat' stone :)


Kerry Bryne said...

I really like this series of photos. Am also in the process of digitalizing some of the photos that I took way back when.

Will be back to see what appears next.

viagra online said...

This is the place where I'd like to spend my vacations because I'm tired of the city's noises the smog and other things that perturb me.

pharmacy said...

What's the true story behind these stone faces ?

Robbie Marinero said...

That granite stone in one of the photos does look like a giant head sleeping. I love what you said that stone giants scare children away. They seem to form a lot of familiar figures that the coincidence is actually amazing. =)

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