Sunday, January 3, 2010

Moss Dosh WaterWorld

The availabiltiy of moss (or dosh) is a matter or question of liquidity.

If you happen to live in a country in Central Europe (like Austria) for example in the Alps, there is plenty of this liquidity named 'water'.

In other parts of the world are other forms of liquidity like Oil (in the Arabian countries like Saudi Arabia ...) and sometimes there are places, like deserts where unknown other treasures are buried in the dry ground.

The above picture (I took it in 1997) shows the area in Israel where the dead sea scrolls where found.

Now, if you are experienced in walking and hiking (have portions of WanderLust) then you know that's usually the northern or western part of a tree that carries moss.

However you'l find places where the moss grows all around the trees.

Then the logical reasoning that you are on the SouthPole (because all directions are to the north) would be kind of wrong.

Moss tends to grow all year (I might be wrong with this) however it's flourishing neon colours signal vital emprovements even in cold seasons.

The above old acorn tree is a kind of 'twister' (because of it's twisted trunk).

Moss itself builds interesting surfaces. In summer times you'll find here a lot of busy ants.

Getting closer you see a living microcosmos.

In this area you'll find a lot old stones. The area here has been populated since at least 4000 years.

A collection of carved stones (got squares in them) covered with moss. The Romans have been here too.

And the above picture shows probably an older kind of grave (or improvised burial). The area here has been an important strategic point. You can expect plenty of bones in the ground.

Dead people sticking their feet out? You can expect Zombies to be covered with moss. This one didn't come out-

So ... remember: Moss is is a matter of liquidity and not of taking credit. :)

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