Saturday, January 9, 2010

GosauZwang in Winter

Gosauzwang is the place where the Gosaubach (Gosau-creek) is emptying into the Hallstätter See (Hallstätter-Lake). The location is right in between Bad Goisern and Hallstatt.
Video at the bottom of this post.
The clouds are 'hanging' low these days. Sometimes they form 'dragons' which float slowly through the valleys.
Though a lake always got a kind of attractiveness there is no thought about taking a bath now.
The remains of an old footbridge are clearly seen. This draws our attention because usually they are not visible and under water.
So what happened to the water?
Two possibilities which can both be true:
1. Watergates have been opened to make place for the spring waters when the ice is melting.
2. The creeks leading to this lake have been frozen and the water is bound in ice on the mountains above.
There is an intensive smell here, maybe a touch of Lago Magiore, organic decay.
Oops, a snake here? Where are my spectacles?
No, just a piece of wood.
There's a potential for wooden snakes here.
A nearby pond is frozen. The reed is forming patterns.
Evening draws nigh, temperatures sink and shadows become long, so it might be time to go home.
As the sun hides behind the mountains we remember a nice walk.



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