Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Balloon landed in village

Oh, balloons passing by. These days are a lot of balloons in the air. It's kind of crowded up there :)
We take a closer look:
They got advertisement on them (for a national radio station).
Oops. One landed on the street in the midst of a village. The houses are pretty close to each other, the streets are narrow, a typical rural Austrian area with dense population.
The balloon pilot probably didn't want to go any further. The wind comes here usually from the west, and in the eastern direction there are plenty of mountains and woods were it would be a bit difficult to land or to direct a pick-up-car to a landing place.
Some people come and marvel.
Here's the balloon in all it's glory :)
It's time to deflate ... or inflate ... whatever. As it's a hot-air-balloon, the balloon is now getting rid of it's hot air. A good example for some politicians and industries.
So, bye bye Balloon.
Here's a short video:


If you want:

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