Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Chaos Snow in Alps

Imagine opening your door to a world full of snow. Well it's nothing unusual if you live in Colorado, Siberia or elsewhere. The following photos and the video will give you an impression on what it's like to live in an area where heavy snowfalls are quite usual.

No antiperspirant will help, the accumulation of the snow to nice heaps or piles will make you break out in sweat.

Piles that will grow daily till you got walls around your house that some people could run their head against. We batten down the hatches in these cold times.

Someone is taking advantage of a new perspective to control the area.

Scads of snow can be a peck of trouble if you are in bad health or just lack fitness.

The heavy laden roofs need some alleviation (or easement). Some people say "Money makes money". Does snow make snow? A stupid question indeed! Interesting is the German translation of this expression. It says: "Der Teufel schei§t immer auf den größten Haufen". I won't translate that but you can guess :) .

Fire Brigades are helping needy people.

Looking out of some windows makes you wonder if you live in some kind of jail. Well, it looks beautyful nevertheless.

Even in denseley populated areas the helicopter comes in urgent health cases (cases of illness). The above photo is kind of a bad rememberance. A young woman died from a heart attack. The help came way far too late. It was not the fault of the whirlybird or the doctors who came right in time. For years she had refused a simple necessary heart-operation. Instead she took faith in some obscure esoteric health advisers. She left three children (age 1-4) in this world.

On the streets snowplows and snowblowers are busy (you can watch the working of a snowblower in the video below). In this area (Bad Goisern, Hallstatt, Bad Ischl, Gosau, Salzkammergut) there are plenty of cross-country ski runs where you can practise LangLauf, ski touring and of course cross country skiing.

Great views are waiting for you.

A Video sharing a winter experience:



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