Saturday, January 16, 2010

GjaidAlm KrippenStein Djemben

In September 2006 (or was it 2007 ?) we were invited to come up to the GjaidAlm which is situated quite close to the KrippenStein. To the valley station of the cable car in Obertraun we drove with our old Ford Transit (year of manufacture: 1986). The thing is history now. We sold it already.
The gondolas to go up there have been modernized sence then. They are comfortable and you can enjoy great looks while moving up.
To give you a kind of an impression to which place exactly we moved up you could watch this video on youtube:

From top of the Krippenstein you can enjoy great outlooks, perspecives, views ... an amazing panorama. From here you also have opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities. It's a holidayregion without being overcrowded.
Here in this area on a station in between Obertraun and the top of Krippenstein are the glacial ice Dachstein caves.
Coming up here doesn't leave you viewless :)
A view over lakes and villages, human population deep below :)
From the top of Krippenstein you can take another cable car (or walk with your feet) to the GjaidAlm (page in German language).
Here you find a hospitable tavern and guesthouse. Not expensive, fair prices.
As this area is also used for mountain pastures, you can find some cows here and ...
... even some pigs running round (usually very busy with finding delicious herbs and roots).
Oh, what a surprise, a group of Djemben players is showing up. (See video below).
You can click on the photos to enlarge them.
And here is the promised short video:


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