Monday, January 11, 2010

Oxygen Trees must grow

Some people say that Central Park is the green lung of New York City.

Maybe a huge city like NYC should have a bigger lung (or more lungs).

Urban areas or big cities usually depend in their oxygen supply from winds that bring the oxygen -this vital necessary capacity- from places where nature was left alone and can do its job.

With the power of the sun, trees and other plants take in CO2 and turn it into O2, thats Oxygen.

Oxygen is necessary for animals and humans in order to breath, in order to survive.

Also industry, cars, power-houses, power-plants, generating stations need oxygen for the production that can be used in households and other productive units.

Some parts in the world do more in their share to produce oxygen. For example I would also think about the tundran areas in Siberia. Others would think about the rain-forests.

It's one thing to talk about the avoidance of CO2 production and another one to talk about the promotion of O2 (Oxygen) production.

The central European Alps provide lots of oxygen, which is carried by the winds to the big cities which profit from it. Big cities usually don't pay fees to pay for this oxygen.

Some problems could be solved by just switching to another point of view.

Above a charming tree during snowfall and night time.

Healthy school children, and also all other intellectual workers need plenty of oxygen for their brains to function properly. Soooo ....

That's what my dog is thinking about it (video):


In the last weeks of the last year (2009) there has been a real 'circus' in Copenhagen about this subject. I posted about this in the post:


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