Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Icy little creek

Welcome to a cold day in the Austrian Alps (SalzKammerGut). Night temperatures are between -5 (268.18 Kelvin, 23 Fahrenheit) and -15 degrees Celcius (258.18 Kelvin, 5 Fahrenheit). In January and February it can get even colder here, up or better said 'down' to -25 degrees Celsius (248.18 Kelvin, 13 Fahrenheit).

A video with a short contemplation, looking and watching a small creek. The ice therein.


More and more the grass and the herbs along the small creeks are gathering ice.

And we take a closer look:

Herbs are coated with an icy surface.

When they get heavy because of all the ice they bow down and look like icicles.

We find interesting forms when looking into this microcosmos.

The sound of the creek has a somehow calming effect. Like someone talking with a low voice.

After a couple of days the bowed-down-gras-iciclex have grown:

Slowly the creek starts to get an icy surface.

If temperatures keep on going like now (staying low) the whole creak will freeze (or solidify).

Also the ponds start to freeze.

The same pond as above, just a few days later:

At the bigger lake (Hallstaetter See), there's not much ice yet. In the cold mornings the lake is fuming (steaming) and losing its heartiness.

Some Ice Flowers on the window.

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