Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Human Rights Common Sense

Some say: "Morality without power (the authority to accomplish, enforce or achieve something) is ridiculous. However one (including me) could spare a lot of words and just think: "Do unto others as you want to be treated yourself". This is a subject that's upcoming in a lot of religions, not just the Christian one. However some claim that religions are the source of evil themselves.
In a lot of TV-series the victim (one that has suffered a lot) becomes the committer, the offender, wrongdoer and perpetrator. The reasons for the original crime (the 'victimizing' may it be abuse, exploitation, stalking etc.) is, more or less, faded out in mass media expressions. Thus means that there is more empathy and sympathy produced for the 'committers. Usually the identification with victims is just an issue for the 'good-meaning-people' or, at times, the instrumentalisation for certain purposes.

A central suggestion for the neutralisation of 'evil' came from one of the founders of Christianity, Jesus Christ himself. His concept of the neighbourly love (love your neighbour as yourself) could and can bring solutions when it's done and not just thought. Also the concept of forgiveness and 'offering the other cheek (not chick :)' is a practical way to hinder certain behaviour from being spread around.
From my (and surely your) experience you'll know how bad car-driving behaviour can spread around. One offender who is in bad moods feels free to attack others and some others copy that behaviour so that the whole atmosphere, for example on a highway, becomes kind of poisened.
Now if you are able to ignore this kind of behaviour, without getting gastric ulcer, you will not be a victim that became a 'doer' or committer.

So the point is, that these kinds of vicious circles can be interrupted. Whatever these circles or circuits might be: Catch 22 situations or 'downward' spirals. Evolutionists would probably talk about 'upward' spirals. Nevertheless I would think that the present barbarism is quite compatible to the 'primitivism' of ancient ages.

Two examples of certain Human-Right-Aspects:
Cherif Bassiouni: Interview to the subject: Above and beyond the reach of the law.
Analysis: Behind Nigeria's violence

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